Mountain Top Repeater Services

Our repeaters operate under RCC, radio com, and carrier protocols. 

The Vella Repeater, strategically situated between the Salmon and Main Arms of Shuswap Lake, offers comprehensive coverage of the lake and its encompassing areas, extending its services into Vernon.

Queest Repeater stands atop Queest Mountain near Malakwa, delivering unparalleled coverage across the Shuswap and North Okanagan regions.

Yeoward Repeater, positioned on Yeoward Mountain east of Cherryville, ensures robust connectivity along the Highway 6 corridor, spanning from Vernon to Arrow Lakes and encompassing the Nakusp region. This repeater also enhances communication around Mabel and Sugar Lakes, and parts of the Shuswap area. Do note, however, that phone service is currently not facilitated on the Yeoward repeater.

If you’re interested in utilizing our repeater services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to ensure you’re seamlessly set up and connected.

Remote Start

We are proud to offer Compustar remote starts for both standard and automatic vehicles. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these systems empower drivers to initiate their car from a distance, pre-conditioning it to the perfect temperature—warm in the chilly winters or cool in the scorching summers. But it’s more than just convenience; with Compustar’s robust security features, your vehicle is endowed with an added layer of protection against potential threats. Tailored for user-friendliness and consistent performance, Compustar remote starts are an indispensable accessory for today’s vehicles. Elevate your driving experience with the assurance and luxury of Compustar.

Fleet Radio Maintenance

For businesses reliant on service vehicles, maintaining communication tools is paramount. Over time, wires can corrode and antennas may break, potentially impacting your operations. We offer tailored maintenance assessments to ensure your radio systems remain optimal, all scheduled around your availability.

Our records aid troubleshooting and fleet radio reassignments. Access your historical tickets, view and manage estimates, handle invoices, and initiate work requests through our online customer portal. We streamline your fleet communication management to ensure consistent peak performance.

Electronics Repair

In today’s disposable era, we prioritize extending the lifespan of your investments. We service a wide range of radio makes and models at our Vernon and Salmon Arm facilities. Whether it’s a simple component replacement or a complex repair, be it two-way radio, or audio amplifier, we ensure optimal performance for your electronics.

RF Transmission Studies

Softwright TAP7 Radio Coverage and Feedback Analysis:

Considering a service area expansion or a long journey? We provide a detailed analysis of your radio coverage, leveraging Google Earth integration. This not only helps in pre-purchase solution assessment but also determines the theoretical potential of your Ham Shack’s antenna positioning. We are committed to aiding our clients in strategic planning and making informed investment choices.

Require assistance with a tailored communication solution? Schedule a consultation with our radio technology specialists today.

Custom Electronics Installations and Integrations

Have you recently procured electronic equipment from online platforms? Do you possess a unique vision for their installation but seek expert guidance for execution? Our team thrives on such innovative projects. We invite you to collaborate with us, bringing your concepts to fruition. Our expertise extends to the development of custom charging solutions, specialized enclosures, wiring harnesses, and much more. Engage with our team of specialized technicians, fabricators, and electronics enthusiasts. Present your requirements and trust us to commence the realization of your custom project.

Kindly note: In line with our commitment to professional standards and compliance, we refrain from servicing or repairing radios that fail to adhere to the guidelines of the Canadian Spectrum Management and Telecommunications, as stipulated by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

Solar Power

Clean power, beyond its eco-friendly implications, signifies stable and interference-free energy. Modern advancements have rendered solar energy and battery backups not only cost-effective but also essential for enhancing electronic communication reliability. By adopting an optimized solar solution, disturbances common in conventional grid systems can be significantly reduced. We are proud distributors of HESPV Solar Hardware and the entire Morning Star MPPT Solar Charging Controller range, offering $1/Watt Panels coupled with high-efficiency controllers suitable for a myriad of applications, from homes to repeater stations. We invite you to specify your requirements, allowing us to tailor our guidance to your unique needs.

Cellular Signal Path Analysis

Facing inconsistent cellular reception in your location? Wondering if a signal booster could be the solution? Let our comprehensive Cellular Signal Path Analysis offer clarity and recommendations before you make an investment decision.