Mountain Top Repeater Services

When reliable communications is essential to your company’s success (logging contractors, cat ski, and heli-ski operations for example), you may be accustomed to investing in a site that gets very little love. We take pride in our ability to get to those hard to reach areas safely and promptly.

We give those remote sites all over southern BC particular attention and bring them back up to full operating potential so your system is ready when you need it most! As a full service shop we take care of everything from tower installations, to solar arrays, to supplying custom RF shelters for every application.

Fleet Radio Maintenance

In companies where service vehicles are the main breadwinners and primary tools, a good communications maintenance program is essential. Wires corrode, antennas break or get cut… a host of preventable problems can cut into your bottom line. Let us assess the overall condition of your radio system and recommend a stress free, preventative maintenance program…we can do this on your downtime, on your schedule!

We log all our ongoing records to aid in troubleshooting, and fleet radio re-assignments. All our historical tickets are available to each of our customers in the online customer portal where you can view, and approve or decline estimates. You can view open invoices, start work requests, and make payment as well. We take the headache out of managing your fleet communications and ensure you’re always running at 100%.

Electronics Repair

Much of our society has moved to an age in which so many things are disposable. We like to keep your investments operating as long as possible, and we service almost all makes and models of radios in house at one of our two repair facilities (Vernon or Salmon Arm). Do your existing portables need some new cases and speakers? Did you drop your radio and break off a knob or connector? These are easy fixes for us that do not compromise your equipment’s performance. Whether it’s a tape deck, two way radio, Plasma TV, or Audio Amplifier or… all of them. We’re here to service and repair your sensitive electronics.

Need help with your personalized communications solution? Book one of our radio nerds now!

RF Transmission Studies

Softwright TAP7 Radio Coverage and Talk-back Studies – are you going on an extended trip, or planning a expansion to your service area? We can help you see your radio coverage using Google Earth. One benefit of this service is that you can see if a solution or product will actually be able to help you before you purchase it. Another is it will show you the theoretical limits of your Ham Shacks antenna location. This is the kind of stuff we do to learn with our customers and go through the process of planning larger projects and purchases.

Cellphone Path Studies – Want to find out why your cell signal is dropping at home? Maybe you want to see if a booster will help? Let us have a look and map it out for you! Let us do a Cellular Path Study for you and let you know if it will help before you spend any money on one!

Custom Electronics Installations and Integrations

Did you order a pile of electronics off Wish, or Amazon? Do you have a super cool idea on how you want your new toys installed but need some advice and help to get you going? We love these kinds of projects. Drop in and share your ideas and let’s make it happen! We are happy to help people develop custom charging solutions, custom enclosures, wiring harnesses, you name it… just about everything else you can think of. Put our team of specialized techs and fabricators (and nerds) to the test. Show us what you’ve got and tell us what you want and let’s get started on your new custom project!

Solar Power

Clean power doesn’t just mean eco-friendly, it also means stable power with no added interference generated by equipment. Solar and battery backup is not only cost effective now, but by running your radio off a proper solar rig you can eliminate much of the noisy power and interference most on-grid people have to live with. Not only can you solar power your home, you can enjoy more reliable communications when done properly. We carry HESPV Solar Hardware and the Full Morning Star MPPT Solar charging controller line. We can get you set up with $1/Watt Panels with top of the line high efficiency charging controllers to augment any house, cabin, repeater hut, gate controller…just about anywhere you could dream of needing power. Let us know what you would like to learn about first, and we can start there!

Fabrication Services

For those who want to customize and make their antennas and rigs that extra little bit special, we have partnered with Mike Littlewood, founder of Littlewood Welding and Fabricating as well as Davinci’s Garage (Maker Parts) to bring you 3D printing services and CNC milling and laser engraving. “With years of experience ranging from oil and gas to self balancing sculptures I understand the truth that you’re only as good as your last weld and every weld should be a little piece of art.” Now only time, and your imagination are the limits! He is not only a Ticketed Red Seal Pressure Welder, but also a Red Seal Electrician and possesses a wealth of knowledge available to anybody who asks. His warm and warped sense of humor and imagination will bring out the insane, crazy ideas in you that you thought were not possible. Then when you least expect it… BLAM! Mike does his magic and we have some amazing hardware built to custom spec for our customers. Call today 780-239-9662 or visit his site!

  • Custom Repeater Shelters
  • Custom Brackets and Standoffs
  • Custom Panel Modifications
  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Milling and CNC Laser Engraving
  • 3D Object to 3D Image Scanning and Rendering COMING SOON!