POLYPHASER 698-2700 MHz Coaxial lightning Protector. 500 Watt RF power

This radio frequency surge protector / lightning surge arrestor helps protect your equipment from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or power surges that are commonly caused by lightning or other strong electrical changes. Our radio frequency coaxial surge protector product is commonly used for radio and antenna installations where part or all system equipment is outdoors to protect sensitive equipment and is designed to pass 698 MHz to 2.7 GHz while suppressing DC surge.

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  • Surge current of 40kA
  • Max power of 500 Watts 
  • Frequency range of 698 MHZ to 2700 MHZ 
  • Water proof 1P67 rated 
  • N type Female Connectors 
  • DC block 
  • VSWR <1.1:1
  • Low insertion loss 
  • CE RoHS Compliant 
  • Bidirectional 

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