TPK-100 Battery charger

Single Bay Rapid Desk Charger with Adapter Pod

Charges Tait TPK-BA-100 Battery with or without the Radio

Includes external 100V – 240V AC to DC power supply

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Charge your Tait TPK-BA-100 two-way radio battery more effectively by upgrading to a single bay drop-in rapid desk charger. Our high quality radio charger is engineered to perfectly complement the radio as well as offer full compatibility.

This pre-configured kit includes the Single Unit Drop-in Rapid Charger with external power supply and an adapter cup that allows charging of a Tait TPK-BA-100 two- way radio and/or battery of various chemistries and capacities.

Our Tait TPK-BA-100 Single Bay Rapid Desk Charger meets stringent quality standards and is designed to provide years of reliable service. This charger is manufactured with high quality components in a state-of-the-art certified manufacturing facility.

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Charger features:
*Fast, reliable charge for a single battery with or without radio.
*LED confirms charge status of battery.
*Charges Li-Ion and Li-Polymer chemistries.
*Smart charging technology prevents over-charging, while providing automatic recharging when a radio remains powered-on.
*Replaceable adapter pod allows future use with different radios / batteries.
*No complicated charging rules.
*User-friendly: Status LED for each position confirms charging in progress, charging 80% complete, and fully charged.
*Includes external 100V – 240V AC to DC power supply.

Weight 0.75 kg


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