The Rolls Surrette S6-275AGM (S6275AGM) Deep Cycle Battery features a high cycle life without the need for maintenance. The AGM technology (Absorbed Glass Mat) keeps the electrolyte (Acid) contained in the glass mats allowing the S6-275AGM to not expel any liquids even under severe overcharge. The S6-275SGM is a non-hazardous battery resulting in lower shipping cost and can also be shipped via air. AGM batteries have an extremely low internal resistance giving them a very low self-discharge rate.

Rolls Surrette takes the golf cart-size battery to even higher levels by improving the capacity and service life. This battery is heavier than the typical golf cart type, and is unsurpassed in reliability. The Rolls Surrette S6-275AGM is a direct AGM replacement for lead acid batteries like the Trojan T-105. The S6-275AGM is a six volt battery with a capacity of 275 Amp Hrs. @ 100 Hr. rate or 250 Amp Hrs @ 20 Hr. rate. The terminals are brass auto posts with top threaded inserts.

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  • Low maintenance
  • Sealed AGM
  • 6-volts
  • Dual container construction for a stronger shell
  • 250 amp hour capacity @ 20 hr. discharge rate





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