It’s true that analogue radios are still playing a role in mobile communications today. But the future is unquestionably digital, and the new NEXEDGE® NX-740H/840H demonstrates why, offering increased effective coverage area, low noise for superior clarity, and inherently secure voice communications. As you would expect from KENWOOD, intuitive operation, high-powered performance, and round-the-clock reliability come as standard. But there’s more. This mobile radio has a dual personality: it operates in both analog FM and NXDN® digital modes, enabling smooth migration from legacy systems.

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RF Power Output Power 5 – 50 W
Frequency Range 136 – 174 MHz
Maximum Channels Per Radio 32
Number of zones 2
Analog Yes
Digital Yes
Channel Spacing – Analog 12.5 / 25* kHz
Channel Spacing – Digital 6.25 / 12.5 kHz
Power Supply 13.6 V DC ±15 %
IP Rating IP54 *
Keypad Yes
Display Yes
Bluetooth No
GPS Optional
Audio Recording No
Emergency Yes
Key Lock Optional
General Purpose Input/Output Yes
External Speaker Connection Yes

*25  kHz is not included in the models sold in the USA or US territories.
*All interfaces must be fully sealed with appropriate covers or by designated genuine accessories.


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Kenwood LMR

Weight 2.5 kg


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