MATH 49-Inch Replacement Whip for PCTEL Maxrad Antennas. The MATH 49-inch stainless steel whip is utilized as the antenna mast form many PCTEL Maxrad base loaded antennas.

The MATH replacement whip is heavy-duty tapered rod for maximum durability in harsh environments. The 17-7 PH stainless steel whip is tapered and .100 inch in diameter.

The MATH replacement whip is compatible with antenna coils from Maxrad that are designed for NMO mounting solutions and 1-1/8 inch-18 thread mounts, including 3/4 inch mounts.

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  • Frequencies: 27-31 MHz, 30-35 MHz, 34-40 MHz, 40-47 MHz, 45-48 MHz, 47-50 MHz, 144-174 MHz
  • Compatibility: The MATH 49-inch replacement stainless steel whip is compatible with Maxrad Mosaic series antennas.
  • Tune your Antenna: Anytime you replace components for your two-way radio antenna, re-tuning of the antenna will be required. For complete information on how to tune your CB antenna be sure to visit CB World’s help center.
  • Power handling: 200 watt rating




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