Heavy Duty Throat Mic for Kenwood Portable Radio with Ring Finger PTT Switch

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Transmit radio communications via the vibrations in your vocal cords with the Impact heavy-duty throat radio. Includes dual throat transducers for clearer sound, an oversized PTT (Push-to-Talk), ring-finger switch and molded ear inserts. The PTM-1 radio throat mic is fully submersible and chemical resistant, with high-quality components and a multi-adjustable throat band.

-Anchored Kevlar reinforced coil cable
-Dual throat transducers for enhanced audio
-Fully sealed, submersible push-to-talk (PTT) and throat transducers (IP67 rated)
-Adjustable throat band with magnetic clasp for easy adjustment
-Acoustic tube with semi-custom, molded gel ear inserts for greater comfort
-3 Year Warranty


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