Bone Conduction (Temple Transducer) Headset with Standard Inline Push-to-Talk (PTT) for Kenwood Portable Radio


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Tested and approved in the field by hundreds of police tactical teams worldwide! Keep your ears open for situational awareness by receiving audio through your temple bone tissue (the bones in front of the ears). This bone conduction headset has dual bone conduction speakers for receiving audio and a noise-cancelling boom microphone for transmitting audio. Operators may add hearing protection and engage/disengage at will depending upon operational circumstances. Compatible with both earplugs and earmuff hearing protection making it perfect for industrial or tactical use.

-High-quality dual bone conduction, temple transducers
-Compatible with gas masks and most ballistic and hardhat helmets
-No audio bleed on receive (others cant hear your radio receive)
-Can be worn with open ears for situational awareness or with earplugs for background noise reduction
-Chemical and fire-resistant Kevlar braided cables for superior strength
-Noise-cancelling boom microphone
-Flexible metal rear headband for easy adjustment
-Includes a wired finger PTT (FPTT-1)
-3 Year Warranty


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