Platinum Series 1-Wire Surveillance Kit with Adjustable D-Shaped Ear Hanger for Kenwood K2 Connector Portable Radio

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The Professional Grade Platinum Series 1-Wire Surveillance Kit with Full Size Push-to-Talk (PTT) is built for the most demanding environments and in use by some of the toughest users out there such as law enforcement agencies, security companies, casinos, and event staff worldwide. Our 1-Wire earpiece is suited for those that only need to wear the PTT/microphone on their shirt collar or lapel, ideal for warm weather locations or users wearing short sleeves.

-Full-size push-to-talk (PTT) switch operable with gloves
-Jardwired to adjustable rubber D-shaped ear hanger earpiece
-Kevlar reinforced cables for superior strength
-High-grade brass transducers (speakers) for crystal clear audio
-Top-quality over-molded strain reliefs for maximum flexibility and durability
-High quality microphones and speakers
-Coiled top cable for added flexibility and movement
-3 Year Warranty


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