Platinum Series 2-Wire Surveillance Kit for Kenwood Portable Radios with K1 2-Pin Connector with Adjustable D-Shaped Ear Hanger

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The Impact Radio Accessories Platinum Series 2-wire surveillance kit for Kenwood portable radios equipped with a 2-Pin K1 connector is one of the best selling 2-wire surveillance solutions. It is currently in use with thousands of public safety and security agencies worldwide and the product has proven itself in the field under the harshest conditions. 2-Wires are for users that need the option of holding the PTT/Microphone in their hand as well as clipping it to their lapel.

-Hardwired Adjustable Rubber D-Shaped Ear Hanger Earpiece
-Full-Size Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch
-Kevlar cables for increased strength
-High-Grade brass speakers for improved audio fidelity
-Overmolded Strain Reliefs for Maximum Durability
-Field replaceable parts
-3 Year Warranty




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