Platinum series 2-wire surveillance kit for Kenwood K1 2-Pin connector radio with quick disconnect acoustic tube

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The Platinum Series 2-Wire Surveillance Radio kit with Push-to-Talk (PTT) from Impact Radio Accessories is one of their best selling 2-wire surveillance kits. It is already in use with thousands of law enforcement and public service agencies worldwide. The product has been field tested and proven to function under the most adverse conditions by the most heavy-duty users. 2-Wire earpieces are designed for users who want the option of being able to hold the PTT/Microphone in their hand or have it worn on a shirt collar. The full-size PTT is designed from the ground-up for gloved operation.



-Full-Size Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch which is operable with a gloved hand
-Hardwired quick disconnect Acoustic Tube Earpiece
-Kevlar reinforced cables for superior strength
-High-Grade brass speakers for the highest in audio fidelity
-Top Quality, over-molded strain reliefs for the maximum flexibility
-Field replaceable parts
-3 Year Warranty




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