Platinum Series 1-Wire surveillance kit for Kenwood K1 2-Pin Connector with adjustable D-Shaped ear hanger

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The Platinum Series-1 surveillance headset earpiece with push-to-talk (PTT) is designed from the ground up for the most punishing environments and is in use by some of the most demanding users on the planet, including first responders, security companies, and hospitality and event staff.

The Impact Radio 1-Wire surveillance headset earpiece is designed for those that need to have the PTT/Microphone close at hand, on a shirt collar. The K1-P1W-AT1 is the ideal solution for warm climates or any location where user’s are in short sleeved attire.

-Large Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch for use with a gloved hand
-Hardwired adjustable rubber D-Shaped ear hanger earpiece
-Kevlar cables for top-notch strength and durability
-High-grade speakers for maximum audio fidelity
-Over-molded strain reliefs for maximum flexibility
-Coiled top cable for flexibility and movement
-Field replaceable parts and accessories
-3 Year Warranty




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