Gold Series 1-Wire Surveillance Kit for Kenwood K1 2-Pin Connector Portable Radio with 12 Earpiece Options

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This 1-wire surveillance kit for two-way radios is best-suited for those that only need to wear the Push-To-Talk (PTT) and microphone on their shirt collar or lapel. Ideal for warm weather locations or users wearing short sleeves. Impact Radio's unique Snaptight™ feature allows the user to select from 12 different, and fully interchangeable earpiece options creating the most cost effective, versatile and hygienic solution on the market. Millions of units already in use by thousands of hotels, resorts, security and retails organizations worldwide.

-Mid-sized push-to-talk )PTT) with enhanced microphone screen for maximum audio fidelity
-12 interchangeable earpiece optons
-Ultra tough anchored Kevlar cables for increased ruggedness.
-Coiled top-wire section for flexibility
-Mesh screen encased microphone
-2 Year Warranty


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