Qcells solar panels have been a popular choice for home and commercial solar power system installations in Canada for some years. Hanwha is a leading Tier 1 global brand. Hanwha BLK-295_60QPEAKmodules are powerful 60 cell modules that can be used as a building block for larger solar systems, or as a single panel in a battery based system.They are specially designed for large solar power plants to reduce BOS costs. Up to 25 % more yield:Industry’s best shade tolerance – optimized performance on cell string level. Industry-Leading Warranty:12 year workmanship, 25 year linear performance warranty. Higher power density:Every cell string can harvest energy even from shaded, soiled, or snowed on cell strings, allowing you to pack more modules into your design. Innovative all-weather technology:Optimal yields due to excellent low-light and temperature behavior as well as mitigation of mismatch-loss caused by partial shading, soiling or degradation.

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