ICom Desktop Charger BC-119N

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  • Requires separate adapter cups (AD-100, AD-106, AD-110)
  • IC-F50, IC-F60, IC-F50V, IC-F60V, IC-F11, IC-F21 series radios: AD-100 adapter cups
  • IC-3021, IC-4021, IC-F14, IC-F24, IC-F3161DT/DS/TS, IC-F3163T/S, IC-4161DT/DS/TS, IC-F4163T/S, IC-F33GT/GS, IC-F43GT/GS, IC-F4023T/S, IC-F43TR series radios: AD-106 adapter cups
  • IC-F9011T/S/B, IC-F9021T/S/B series radios: AD-110 adapter cups




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