4C 22awg Shielded with Drain

Ideal for various security applications, this Communication Security Wire (22AWG, 4C, Shielded with Drain, Plenum Rated, 1,000′) can be used for alarms, intercoms, audio, signaling, and other power-limited control requirements. The wire’s four stranded bare copper conductors and tinned copper drain are twisted, shielded with overall AL mylar, and insulated within a PVC jacket.

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  • AWG (American Wire Gauge): 22
  • Conductors: 4 (Red, Black, White and Green = Left+, Left-, Right+ and Right-)
  • Jacket Color: White
  • Package: Spool
  • Applications: Plenum spaces. Security systems, Intercom systems, Sound/Audio systems, Power-Limited controls.
  • Manufacturer Part #: 22/4SHP
  • Conductors: 4 – 22 AWG (7/30) bare copper 0.03 inch
  • Dielectric: 7 mil wall of polyvinyl chloride colored per the chart to a nominal diameter of 0.044 inch.
  • Cabling: Cable four insulated conductors into pairs in a 1-1/2-inch left hand lay per the color code and wrap pair #1 with an overall aluminum/polyester tape (foil out) and a 24 AWG (7/32) tinned copper drain. Nominal diameter of 0.117 inch.
  • Jacket: 15 mil wall of gray colored polyvinyl chloride to a nominal diameter of 0.147 inch
  • Insulation Colors:
    • One (Shielded): Black / Red
    • Two (Unshielded): White/Green
  • Jacket: White
  • Marking: 22 AWG 2 PAIRS ONE SHLD (ETL)us TYPE CMR OR CL2R OR FPLR 3054355


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