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If you have questions about a product or how we go about planning an install in a vehicle or residence you have a few options:

First option: The Most reliable and complete way to get you questions answered. Please stop in! We love to see people in person and we try to provide priority services to these people first. I mean not to pick favorites but its easier to get someone’s attention when your right there 😉

Second Option: Phone In! Keeping in mind it gets busy around here and sometimes we take a bit long to get back to people. If your feeling ignored Please call +1 778 932 0539 and let us know were taking to long! and you have a few options, If we don’t pick up within the first few rings you have the option to be forwarded to your choice of departments.

  • Press 1 for Sales Specific Questions
  • Press 2 for Service, Repair, or Installations
  • Press 3 for Administrative requests such as billing or payments

Forth Option: You can use our handy dandy contact form, we have included some basic info questions on it to get all of us started!

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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